Woocommerce VAT Number Addon


This is the dummy product to just show you the demo of Woocommerce Vat Number Addon.

Woocommerce Vat Number plugin is very easy to use with just plug and play operation. It adds a vat number field on the checkout page which would also be shown on the order emails sent to the customers.

This is simple yet powerful than other paid plugins so no need to purchase any lengthy plugin to add a vat number option in woocommerce. Buy our plugin which is very simple and easy to use without any configuration settings.



Woocommerce VAT Number Field is a premium plugin which is very simple, easy to use yet powerful extension for woocommerce. It adds a VAT Number field at the woocommerce checkout page, order emails, customer invoices, pdf invoices.

It collects a VAT Number from customers at the checkout page and shows that VAT Number in the woocommerce orders in the admin section.

What is the purpose of launching Woocommerce VAT Number Addon?

Now a days most of the countries needs a VAT Number with Woocommerce for their business. So to fulfill their needs we have launched this powerful and cost effective plugin. So what you are waiting for? Just play and play with this super useful addon.

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